Extra Enrichment Classes

Extra Enrichment Classes are programs provided by Young Life Academy as part of your child's tuition. Our enrichment classes are a distinguishing difference between us and other schools.

Extra Enrichment Programs include: Bible, PE and Spanish. They are an added bonus to your child's day.


Ms. Leslie

Young Life Academy's Bible class is based on biblical principals and is part of our private school program.

"Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God"

I Corinthians 10:31

Because it is our goal to uplift each and every child, and because we feel character is important, we find that having a short Bible time twice a week has been very beneficial to children of all ages. Learning Biblical stories and teachings is a means of encouragement. Our Bible teacher spends a short time with each class, where a good time is enjoyed through music, books, object lessons, puppet pals and other visuals. We believe this should be kept fun and put into proper perspective appropriate for each age group. Bible time allows the opportunity for each child to understand and learn about God's love.


We are passionate about offering a PE class for our Pre-K and Senior Preschool classes. Mr. Reyes challenges each class twice a week to basic exercises and games that teach your child mobility and flexibility as a class. At the end of the school year your child will have the chance to show you all that they have learned during our special Young Life Field Day!


Spanish is offered as an extra enrichment for our State funded Pre-K classes and Senior Preschool classes by our Spanish teacher Ms. Norma.

Learning a foreign language is one of the best educational tools that you can equip your child with.

Each child will be introduced to entry level Spanish vocabulary and short phrases.