The goal of the Pre-Kindergarten Program is to provide an appropriate preschool educational program emphasizing growth in language and literacy, math and science concepts, art and music, physical development and social concepts.

Your child must be four years of age on or before September 1st to be a participant in the Georgia Pre-Kindergarten Program. You will be required to have a certified copy of the child's birth certificate, passport or official documents from other countries verifying the birth date of your child. Immunization/health information is required by law and must be submitted. Also your child's social security number and proof of Georgia residency are required.

The program will operate 180 days per year and is usually consistent with the Fulton County public school calendar. To participate in the Pre-Kindergarten program, parents are expected to commit their child to a full school year (180 days) as well as a full school day (6.5 hours).

Young Life Center has chosen the HIGH/SCOPE curriculum which does ensure that your child is developing the necessary skills to be prepared for Kindergarten. The established staff/child ratio requirement set by the Office of School Readiness, Department of Education, is two adults to 22 students. We maintain an elementary school Georgia Certified lead teacher with an assistant in each classroom. The teachers interact with the children, moving throughout the classroom facilitating learning experiences.

The Young Life Day Care Center Pre-K classrooms are large, spacious and colorful. Plenty of materials, manipulatives and resources equip each classroom. Our playground provides equipment for exercising large muscles, as well as a 500 foot bicycle trail. Mats and sheets are provided for daily rest periods. The learning areas are divided into stations: math, manipulatives, blocks, reading/books, art, science/exploratory, writing implements/paper. Musical instruments, housekeeping and listening centers. All of the Pre-K classes have the opportunity to take several "Educational" field trips.